Friday, October 27, 2023

 Hello World!!  

Welcome to my mostly empty blog. Let me introduce myself, I am a Rocket Scientist Girl who is experimenting, learning and living a life on FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early).  I am a Rocket Scientist by trade.  The exact definition of a rocket scientist is subjective I guess.  But in my case, I really have designed, built and fired a rocket engine and I have also helped design and build satellites.  However, girl is debatable. But my soul still feels like I did as a girl: inquisitive and a love of experimentation and learning.   My body however begs to differ.  

The on FIRE part is something I stumbled into out of necessity.  But that is a whole other story for another time. But as an engineer, I dove in heads first and began planning, learning and experimenting.  

Don't get me wrong, this blog is not just about the FIRE movement...but I will definitely discuss that.  It is about my journey learning to survive and thrive an early retirement.  However, the FIRE movement is an important part to understand and live by if you are to successfully have an early retirement. 

Now--what does a Rocket Scientist who has been engrossed in her career for over 25 years do when she is suddenly no longer working?  You see--when I stopped working I suddenly realized by career and job were all consuming and I needed to find something new if I wanted to keep my soul young. In other words, I have turned out a rather bland, uninteresting and really boring person.  

So join me as I explore a myriad of possible interests to experiment with, learn about and enjoy.  I am easily distracted...ADHD anyone...but I decided that is an advantage for my future experimentation!  So...what hobbies or skills should I explore?  I already have a list.   Cooking (not cleaning), photography, travel, painting, writing books.....all those things that I convinced myself I had no ability to do.  I am sure the list will grow as I continue down this path....I already learned to knit hats.  I will admit, I already have some experience with many of the skills I listed, but the question is which ones are truly worthy hobbies for me to take on during my retirement; something that will allow me to continue contributing to society.  

I should however note, my body is one boundary condition that will limit some of my experimentation.  You see, early retirement wasn't my desire. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue plus a few other things.  The Fibromyalgia came about after over a year of Chronic Urticaria.  I know..your te what?  I hadn't heard of it either until I had it.  It's a fancy name for chronic, hives all over your body all day every day for over a year.  I still wish I had never heard of it.  That is of course, another blog entry.

Let the journey begin!  (Also--if anyone is reading that that has the resources and means, I would love to include space exploration on this list...I mean, why not? Sign me up for a journey to the moon or Mars. I will take great pictures, write about the trip and would make amazing meals for the crew.)


-Rocket Scientist Girl on FIRE!